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We offer a variety of services and products for school sports teams depending on your photographic needs. We can also create pieces to help your team with fundraising including calendars, posters, composites, etc. For more information about our school sports photography, please visit the "School Sports" page. Contact us for more information or to begin creating your team's session!


Composites can be done for everything including banners, calendars, posters, etc. This is the process we do for each player by photographing them individually and placing them on a custom background with the team. We can also create items that include graphically enhanced content including posters, football schedules, etc. 

Panoramic photos:

Panoramic photos are usually done for large groups or teams that may need a wider angle to display all members (usually band, football, or drill teams). These can be printed on 10x20 or 10x30, and can include a cameo of an individual member. We can include this as part of your team's order or can provide this separately. We also offer action panoramic prints from games in either 5x10 or 5x15 andhigh quality framing for an additional cost. 


Our banners are printed on vinyl and are fitted with grommets to be ready to hang in school gyms, stadiums, or sports fields. These can be printed 4' x 12', or any custom size. Players can be photographed individually then extracted to be placed on a custom high-resolution background, with custom text and slogan for your team. We also offer "one shot" photography banners that are photographed of an entire team at once with a school background such as a gym or field. This is a more affordable option if a custom background is not needed.

Traditional Composites:

Team composites are a great option for traditional teams that may already have this type of print already hanging in their schools with past groups over the years. This includes photographing members individually including coaches/directors, then cropping each photo in an oval to create an overall print with each member's name and position. We take the utmost care and attention to ensuring all names include correct spelling and sequence. 

Player posters:

Team player posters are created by photographing each player individually and cropping them out to place them on a custom background. Posters can include school logos and graphics, team slogans, player numbers and more. These can be included as part of the team session or can be created individually. 

Individual action posters are custom created by our designers to really showcase a particular player.  These NFL style posters typically come in sizes 16x24 and 24x36.  Please call the studio at 281-807-5282 to discuss the design process.

Player buttons:

Player buttons are popular with football and band and are usually photographed at the time of the team session. Each member is photographed individually to be placed on our 3" buttons. Great for parents who want to show their support from the stands!

HDR Imaging:

High Dynamic Range imaging is a photographic process we offer for individual members who wan't to capture their athletic experience in a unique and professional way. This is done by photographing the player in our studio on a white background. The player is then placed on a custom background that has been photographed in HDR to achieve the best results in contrast and lighting. These are printed on metal and come ready to hang in your home. Download our HDR Order Form for more information and visit our studio for more examples!

Sport Action Photography:

We offer players and parents the opportunity to be followed and photographed throughout the season. This is offered to individual members of each team. Spaces are limited. Parents may choose to purchase prints throughout the season on our "Sport Action for Sale" page, or create a composite poster at the end of the season. Download our Sport Action Photography order form or call us for more information.